Become a Nelson Angel.

Angels and venture capitalists bring significant capital, fresh perspectives and practical experience which can prove useful in developing a business. It means giving up a share of the business in return for investment and guidance.
The company stage is an important consideration for both angels and venture capital funds.

Nelson Angels Inc. has two forms of membership, Full Membership and Affiliate Membership.

Full members must be wholesale investors and fit within the exclusions in schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA), details on which can be found here. It is a requirement of the FMCA that full members provide documentary evidence attesting to their meeting the criteria, prior to investing in any angel investments introduced through Nelson Angels.

Affiliate members are not investors but have the same rights as full members with one exception, they do not have voting rights at the AGM. Affiliate members are usually businesses or professionals with an interest in fostering start-up businesses. They often assist entrepreneurs and founders by acting as mentors, board directors and/or offer their services on a pro bono basis.

New applicants are required to complete an Application for Full Membership or Application for Affiliate Membership and Confidentiality Deed and return these to Nelson Angels Inc. The application will then be considered by a management committee and, upon approval, the applicant will be invoiced for the subscription ($200 p.a. as at 1 April 2018).

All members are bound by the Rules and Constitution. Full members are expected to attend regular meetings and assist in the due diligence process for any new investment proposals. Typically, members meet monthly to share and discuss investment opportunities as well as to network and socialise. We normally have 1-2 pitches from entrepreneurs looking for investment capital at these meetings.

The investment by members in any start-up company is entirely at the discretion of the member, subject to a minimum requirement of $10k.

For newcomers to angel investing, we recommend the useful guide The Business of Angel Investing in New Zealand published by the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Limited (NZVIF).